02. Our people

People profile: Chamarie Munasinghe, franchisee Narre Warren - VIC

In 2004 I married and migrated to Australia. Before that I had worked as a secretary for a domestic airline and then a few years later an executive secretary in the corporate sector in Sri Lanka. My husband started working for 7-Eleven with a very keen interest to invest in a franchise, I was also very supportive to start our own venture, but we had to plan many things for this to become a reality.

People profile: Sandra Kais, Corporate Store Manager

I started my journey with 7-Eleven about a year and a half ago. To say that time has been jam packed would be an understatement! I've trained around 100 new employees, became the first multi-site store manager in Victoria, undergone numerous challenges and everything in between! My journey continues to evolve and I’m constantly looking forward to what the next step of it may be!

People profile: Melanie Stocker, Corporate Store Manager

I started at 7-Eleven as a team member at the Pakenham store in December 2016 where I mainly worked night shift. After nine months I applied for an assistant manager position in the district in October 2017. I ran the Pakenham store as an assistant manager for six months and was promoted to a corporate store manager when the Cranbourne Amstel store opened. After managing Cranbourne Amstel I recently have moved back to manage both the Pakenham and new Narre Warren store.

Store leader profile: Reasat Reza

A number of 7-Eleven CBD stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have been transformed over the past 18 months into sleek and stylish stores with an inviting new layout. The 7-Eleven convenience store on Clarence Street is one such store which has been refurbished and is thriving from the changes.

The Clarence Street Franchisee Reasat said there were a lot of things that she liked about the new store layout.